Welcome to the World of LMA !

Hello !

My name is Maciej, and I am a host to the LMA – Linguistic Martial Arts !

What you can find here:

  • Communication trainings: Do you want to motivate better your workers? Do you want to talk better with your partner and turn a conflicts into productive endevaours? Having problems with picking up man or woman?
  • For your company: Your workers in call center could talk better and get easier through firewalls? You workers could handle better your potential clients in shop(s)?
  • Mediations: You and your partner / business partner are having difficulties and you are not getting through communication problems?
  • Personal coaching: You need to meet face-to-face with multilanguage expirienced trainer who will help you achieve more from your life? You are on some kind of curve in your life, and you need to have a possibility to call regulary to a specialist, who will set up your mind in right and the most usefull way for you?
  • Good atmosphere: I respect you. I respect your life situation. But I also love joking, talking fast, agitate your mind, shortening distance very fast. I will provoke you and joke from myself as well. I will blow your mind by showing how different and successful good communication can be. And you will like it.

To assure you, that you came to the right place:

  • I have master degree in international relations – with faculties like: psychology, pedagogy, negotiations,…
  • For seven years I was working as a controlling specialist in two different corporations, undertaking as well a function of a member of a board of supervisiors for three years (so yes, I know what kind of problems have SEOs, managers and specialists)
  • I have made high-class training programs on my own by world class trainers and communication specialists (what means, that I know communication methods which are not well known by a trainer with average expirience)
  • I worked as a coach and trainer for 11 years (yes, I was working with people which had problems bigger then yours)
  • I was a member to a few specialist associations (like WABC), but since…
  • I wrote two books about communication (avaible as softcover, ebook, audiobooks), which were bestsellers in Poland (and which I prepare to translate into english and german)
  • I simply started creating my own standards, which other trainers are using in their work (like DSR model)

Soon you will find a training offer on this website.

Till this moment, you can:

  • Sign to my newsletter
  • Subscribe my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/LMAtrainings
  • Take part in my regular motivational webinars (only live, no pre-recorded automatic stuff – good contact with my clients is important for me)
  • Buy one of my books: www.sensus.pl maciej czekaj (still in polish, soon in english)
  • Take part in courses which I do for NLS workshops Ltd organized in Poland (requirement: polish language)
  • Hire me personally (I have acceptable rates, but they aren’t the smallest either) – just say what you need, and I will prepare an offer for you: maciej@lmatrainings.com
    • To run a workshop for you and your team
    • To prepare communication procedures, instructions and materials for your workers
    • To make face-to-face coaching for you
    • To make skype / phone coaching with you